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Hello there.

You may not know who I am or what I am, but I know who you are. A person, or perhaps an animal, with a dream. A goal that you thrive to accomplish to the best of your ability. Something that you and your family will be proud of. It is something that you dream of night after night. Everyone has those dreams. No matter how young or old they are. It is a never ending thought that runs across your mind.

But what is your dream?

To become a doctor? A veterinarian? A soldier? An author? So many possibilities. It is endless. Yet, it is that one question that stands as an obstacle. As a child, it was easy at the beginning when we didn't know any better at the time. We observed our environment with innocent eyes and looked up to our parents (or another relative) then answer that one question every adult asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Our answer would be immediately and with a lot of excitement as if we would make it happen. It was really easy in the beginning. When years went by and as we grew older, the same question appeared from every direction. Instead of answering right away, like we did as a child, we hesitate and doubt starts to grow in our minds. Maybe your dream changed. Why did it change? Did you lose hope or did you lose interest in your other dream? What made you lose interest or hope? A lot of questions, but you will somehow answer them in time or right away if you know the answers.

Here's another question. Do you still have that dream today?

It may or may not be the same dream you had when you were a child, but you have that dream nonetheless. Your thoughts tend to wonder from your active dream to the previous goal that you conjured when you were a child. Why do you continue to think of such a thing? The answer is simple. It is part of your childhood memories. One that you shared with either a family member, a friend, family pet or anyone else that you deemed worthy of your trust. It will never be forgotten as long as you live.

Now, about that question...

Let's take a moment and sit very still (or if you're standing for some odd reason, please sit somewhere comfortably). Think of the time where you feel content, at peace and comfortable. In your parents arms, in your warm bed, hanging out with your friends or lazily sitting on a couch. Anything that you can think of. Hang onto that thought and let your body relax. Take a couple of deep, quiet breaths if you have to. Just... Relax and loosen up. Don't think of anything else, but that moment. Slowly, raise your hand and place it on a nearby wall. What do you feel? A smooth or rough surface? Is it warm or cold? Describe the senses to yourself while I explain the reason to this gesture.

A wall is a symbol of an obstacle that stands in your way of your dream. No matter how rough or smooth it is, it is there to distract you. To dampen your spirit. Increase the stress on your mind and body. That one wall and many more is there to throw you off the path. That is when the hope starts to falter and the fire in your heart starts to disappear.

Do not be alarmed for there are ways of going around or above those obstacles. Just this one word will help you course on through without holding back. Support. Teachers, friends, and family are there to help guide you to your future. To teach you what you need to know. To give you a little push when you need to go forward. Grab your hand and raise you up from the ground. Comfort you when you need it most. They are right behind you to support you all the way.

You can't accomplish everything alone after all.

By now, I am sure you're wondering why I am telling you all of this and who I really am. To put it simply, you need a reminder. I'm pretty sure you knew all of this since the beginning, but it won't hurt to remind you every once in a while. You're never alone. You have me after all.

Your conscience.
Just a little something I thought of when I was listening to an inspirational song on my ITunes today. ^^

Any criticism is welcome.
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